FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions


How do I sell or offer my green product/service on LittleGreenTrade.com?

You need to become a member by clicking here to join our green conscious communities. Before you can create any offer, you need to verify your email address by clicking verification link we send you. There’s no fee to create a post to offer your green products/services, we only ask for a small fee for every completed transaction.

Make sure that you read our Terms of Service before using our website to sell your product/service. We strongly ask you not to provide or ask any personal detail such as website, email, messenger, skype, etc in your product/service post and messages as well. Please only use LittleGreenTrade.com for all communications with your buyers, including file transfers. If you failed to do so, we’d have the right to suspend your post or even close your account.

We prefer if you post green products that are made by you or services which are done by you. Please do not offer any copyrighting products which can have negative affects on your account.

Any product photos and description should be unique (not just copy paste from elsewhere) and not use any copyrighted materials. Everything that you write in the description should be delivered to the buyer, because that is basically what buyer pays for. You can explain about special features in your product/service along with explanation what makes your product/service eco-friendly. To make sure the buyer is not using stolen Paypal or Alert Pay information from someone else, we strongly suggest to only send the physical product to the address listed in buyer's paypal account. Because if this is the case, we both have to agree that transaction was considered fraudulent and you have to refund the money back.

Prices and Fee Structure

We offer multi-level pricing (5, 10, 15, 20 and so on) and fee structure to sell your green products/services. But one thing for sure, your product/service can not be more than $50. Because our mission is to bring inexpensive and affordable green products to encourage more people to be green without having to break their bank. You can read more about our fee structure here.

After I submit a product/service, what’s next?

The next thing you need to do is relax and wait for us to review your post. If your product/service meets our standard requirements, then it will surely pass our reviews.

Your offer will be available in the related category and can be found by our green conscious sellers. The better your rating score, the better your chances in getting notice by buyers or our editor which can help your post to be featured for free. Another great way would be to promote your offer via social network such as twitter, facebook, blogs, etc.

Buyer wants to buy multiple products but without multiple shipping fee

At this moment, our system doesn't allow you to set multi-level shipping fees. You can always create new post offering a product pack (3 boxes of organic Cookies) with lower shipping fee.

For example you can create these 3 posts:

  1. I will send you a box of cookies for $5 (+shipping fee of $5)
  2. I will send you 3 boxes of cookies for $15 (+shipping fee of $7)
  3. I will send you 5 bodes of cookies for $25 (+shipping fee $10)

My green product/service got rejected

This rarely happens but we’ll provide some explanation in your notification email along with some update you can do to re-submit your product/service again.

When do I get paid?

You can check for every completed or pending transaction from “Seller -> Manage Sales” menu. For other delivered works, when they are not rejected by the buyers, they will automatically be marked as completed after 3 days. You can also check your revenue from “Seller -> Revenues” menu. It takes 14-day clearing period for LittleGreenTrade.com to be able to prepare your payment for withdrawal process. For withdrawing your payment in AlertPay, you are charged for a small fee of 10%.

I have clicked the “withdraw my earnings” button, but nothing happens

Please give us 48 hours to process your withdrawal request.



How do I place an order?

You need to become a member by clicking here to join our green conscious communities. Before you can place any order, you need to verify your email address by clicking verification link we send you. When you place an order for green product, you will be asked to select your destination, the shipping cost will be added based on shipping destination.

How do I know if sellers will ship the product or not?

A good communication is the key to have great relationship between buyer and seller. Once you place an order using paypal or alertpay, you need to click the link “return to payment@littlegreentrade.com” in order to finish your order by submitting any required information by the seller. You can also check your order info using “Buyer -> My Shopping” menu, make sure you have submitted all needed information otherwise your order won’t be processed. You can check active, pending and cancelled order using that menu.

What if I received items which are not as described or agreed upon?

First, you need to contact the seller to resolve this issue. We want to protect buyer and seller against any scam or misbehavior. If the items received didn’t meet the description as advertised by the seller, you can always reject the order and give the seller a chance to fix this issue. If the seller fails to respond to your rejection, you can cancel your order and have your payment returned to your balance (not to your paypal account). You can use the balance to purchase other green products/services here.

If you insist to withdraw your money, you can send us an email: support[at]littlegreentrade.com, please understand there’s a deduction for this refund as much as 3.9%* + 0.3USD because Paypal deducted the money once we received it. Therefore, you will receive 3.9%* + 0.3USD less along with Paypal fee on your side when this is complied.

We will also carefully review rejection as we want to keep things fair to the seller. Matters of taste are no reason to reject an order. By giving this false rejection may lead your account to be suspended. You can also report any seller for any misbehavior to our support email address as stated above.

I want to cancel my order

You can use “Got Problems?” link to cancel your order. If the seller requires some information, you need to submit this information before you can view the “Got Problems?” link. Choose order cancellation and provide the seller with cancellation reason. If the seller doesn't respond, your order will be cancelled automatically after 3 days.

I want to share my experience (good or bad) with the seller

You can rate your experience with the seller. By doing this, you provide good feedback to our community and for the seller’s reputation him or herself.


Note : You can always contact us to find other information that you need support@littlegreentrade.com

* We use the percentage for Internatiol users.